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Highlights of 2015-16 Evaluation Results:

Super Stars Literacy served a total of 1034 students. 360 participated in the after-school programming, with 244 of those students also receiving in-school intervention. An additional 674 students received only the in-school intervention.

92% of Super Stars students made gains in their overall literacy skills, 44% achieved “accelerated growth” (assessment score improvement which is greater than national standards for yearly literacy growth). Our students are making impressive progress relative to their peers – while only 17% of low-income 2nd grade Oakland Unified School District students can read at grade-level standards, 44% of Super Stars’ 2nd grade Oakland students now have grade-level reading ability.

94% of Super Stars students showed significant improvement in at least one target social-emotional skill (empathy, conflict negotiation, and impulse control), 80% showed significant improvement in two or more skills. Additionally, we found that students with more developed social-emotional skills were twice as likely to end the year at grade-level reading ability.

88% of parents/caregivers of Super Stars students attended at least one program event where they engaged in literacy based activities with their child. SSL hosted 28 events at eight schools.

Parent survey responses:
  • 94% feel more connected with their child
  • 98% believe their child is better prepared to learn in school
  • 94% report that they now read more often with their child
  • 92% say their child shows more self-control
  • 94% say their child has improved in solving problems with others

Our full evaluation report can be found here: Evaluation Report 2015.16


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