Police Brutality Statement

Super Stars Literacy joins our community with utmost grief and rage at the state-sponsored murder of yet another black man. George Floyd’s stolen life has become a newly invigorated catalyst across our nation to demand accountability and reform within police departments and our justice system as a whole.

This murder is not about the killing of one man; its about centuries’ prolonged, institutionalized abuse towards Black people and communities of color. It’s a wound upon our nation that continues to be ignored. The wound re-opens every time the police profile a black person or microaggressions displayed without thought. It opens again when ICE agents target undocumented parents by ambushing them as they pick up their children from afterschool programs. It bleeds harder with every white supremacist who joins your local police force. The pain stings with the short-comings of educational funding, prejudice in our healthcare system, pipelines built across native land, the prison industrial complex, lead poisoning in Title 1 schools, codes of silence within police departments, Qualified Immunity and so much more.

What you see in the news and on social media is the result of neglect towards systems of oppression and apathy from those with the power to heal our systems. Whatever power or privilege you may have, find a way to use it to close this wound. Listen to the voices of POC, more specifically black lives to learn, engage in anti-racism conversations with your circle or friends and family, donate to an organization, or march in the street for justice. Just don’t remain complicit. Help support a cause that, in turn, will help support our work and ultimately help support our families who live with these injustices daily.

Visit this website to support and help Black lives: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co