Book Donation from High School and End of the Year Celebrations

Last Weeks of 2019

We can’t believe it’s already the end of December! There is so much to look back on–in 2019, we were able to serve 100 more students in our 6 schools in Oakland, which means 100 more students were able to see growth in their reading skills. We’re hoping we can serve more in 2020! You can help us by donating to our End-of-The-Year Campaign:

Book Donations from Caring High School Students

Ashley Carter (pictured below) is an advocate in literacy and has helped Super Stars Literacy tremendously. This month, we received a huge book donation from her club, Rise to Read, at San Ramon Valley High School–a couple hundred to be more specific. It’s amazing how a communities can come together to help a certain cause, and how amazing things can be accomplished with just an idea and the motivation to act.

Ashley, thank you so much for your help and dedication in providing resources to our students. And thank you, Rise to Read, the students and teachers of San Ramon Valley High School, and families that were involved in this book donation. We appreciate YOU!

Ashley Carter (left) has helped our students tremendously by organizing a book donation that garnered over 100 books. Thank you so much, Ashley!

If you are interested in providing a book donation to Super Stars Literacy, please contact our Development Manager, Evan Robinson, at We would love to provide more for our students and would love to see communities come together again!