Super Stars Literacy Releases 2013-14 Evaluation Results

We are pleased to be able to share highlights of our students’ impressive progress towards our outcome goals.

I. Literacy Outcome: 50% of SSL students who attend program regularly (at least 135 days per year) will achieve accelerated growth toward literacy proficiency (accelerated growth is defined as growth exceeding national benchmarks for one academic year’s progress).

Result:  Very nearly met goal – 87% of students who attended program regularly showed improvement in their literacy skills, and 46% met the outcome goal of achieving accelerated growth – a 6% increase from last year.  Additionally, data from two cohorts of SSL students (2010-13 and 2011-14) show a significant gain in literacy skills for students participating in the program for all three years. Only 15% of students entered the SSL program in Kindergarten with grade-level literacy skills, but after participating in SSL, 70% of 2nd graders had met or exceeded grade level literacy benchmarks.

II. Social-Emotional Development Outcome:60% of SSL students who attend program regularly will demonstrate significant growth (defined as moving up at least one assessment level on the DRDP Desired Results Developmental Profile) in one or more essential skill areas of social-emotional development (empathy, conflict negotiation, and impulse control).

Result: Exceeded goal – 96% of regular attending SSL students increased in at least one social skill area by one developmental level – a 9% increase from last year. 86% of regular attending SSL students increased in one social skill area by two developmental levels.

The developmental levels used to assess student growth in the DRDP range from Exploring to Integration. In general, students start by exhibiting the skill with adult support, and progress towards possessing awareness of the skill or of related feelings in themselves and in others, and being able to independently apply that skill without adult facilitation. On average, SSL students moved from “Exploring” (level 2) to “Building” (level 4 out of 6).

  • Not Yet Displayed: Student does not display any awareness of the target skill
  • Exploring: Student displays basic awareness of the target skill but only with adult guidance
  • Developing: Student is beginning to apply the skill with adult support
  • Building: Student is showing greater self-awareness and beginning to be pro-active about employing this skill
  • Understanding: Student no longer requires adult support to use this skill, can independently apply skill using language or actions
  • Integrating: Student can understand the viewpoints of other individuals, and take those viewpoints into consideration when using the social-emotional skill

III. Parent Engagement Outcome: Eighty percent (80%) of caregivers of Super Stars Literacy students who attend program regularly will engage in literacy based activities with their children. 80% of caregivers will attend at least one program event.

Results: Exceeded goal – 89% of parents met this outcome goal – a 44% increase from last year.

We overcame last year’s attendance issues which were caused by district restrictions around off-site fied trips by switching our focus to on-site events. We hosted between 4-7 events at each school site, for a total of 33 events this year (such as Family Reading Nights, Literacy Scavenger Hunts, Zoomobile visits, Reading Olympics, and Gardening Days). We found that off-site events offer may broader experiences but tend to have less focus on specific family literacy practices. We also found that parents tended to interact more with their children at these on-site events, and had an easier time attending, as evidenced by the large increase in attendance.

Parent feedback:

  • 93% reported that the SSL program has helped their child increase their enjoyment of reading
  • 93% reported improvements in their child’s overall reading ability
  • 91% reported that their child has a much easier time listening to and understanding information and stories
  • 92% reported that their child has a much easier time speaking and asking questions
  • 93% reported that their child is better prepared to learn in school as a result of the SSL program.
  • 91% reported that the SSL program has helped them to feel more connected to their child’s school

 Parent comments:

“He is more attentive in classes, likes to read more and afterwards is able to describe the story.”

“She likes to talk more. She is more attentive to reading. The truth is I am incredibly happy that my daughter is learning.”

“I see that my son feels more confident and is more sociable.”

“The children are better in reading as well as expressing their feelings, and they get along better with other people.”

“Your instructors and the program managers are excellent and very dedicated to my son’s academic improvement, thank you!”


View the executive summary or the complete evaluation report:

SSLFinalEvaluationReport- Executive Summary.2014.8.25