Super Stars in the News – Oakland North, Community Photo of the Week

Community photo of the week: Super Stars

Every week, Oakland North will publish a photo submitted by one of our readers. This week’s image was taken by Rae Gedlaman at Reach Academy, and submitted by Daniel Lawlor of Super Stars Literacy.

He writes, “Super Stars Literacy provides in school and after school K-2 reading interventions at four public schools in Oakland, as well as organizes family engagement nights celebrating reading. A parent told us, ‘The program has helped foster a love of reading in my son. His confidence in reading is improving daily. The field trip that Super Stars took to the library reminded me what a great place the library can be for the entire family and now we are going regularly. The framework of the Super Stars program is creating learners for life.’

A child reading below grade level by third grade is four times more likely to drop out than her or his peers who are reading proficient. We work with families, teachers and community volunteers to open possibilities for life long learning.”