A Poem: To My Super Stars…

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The following poem was written by Amber Kimmins, a former classroom teacher with Super Stars Literacy. Amber’s poem describes the joys, growth, and hopes connected to our work promoting early childhood literacy. If you know someone interested to serve as a Super Stars Literacy AmeriCorps teacher, please invite them to apply today!

To My Super Stars

The desire to learn activated in games and acknowledgments

Struggling through syllables and sight words, celebrating small accomplishments through songs and hand games

Day one of my first year I wanted to impress you and show you that it would be fun to learn with me

The last day of year two, we hugged and high fived, both recognizing all that we had been through from our different perspectives

You live in a community surrounded by apartments

But you also have a park

And it is there that you can be a monkey, princess, magical alligator, mind craft genius

English may or may not be your second language

But I secretly love when you say words like gotted and hanitizer instead of hand sanitizer

All of your little baby faces have shifted as your developmental milestones appear

Celebrating accomplishments through songs and hand games

Phonics and guided reading have been difficult

But you faced it like champions

Giving me side eye when you felt insecure,

needing a pat on the head to know that I can see You

What does it mean to be super?

Every race that you run, whether or not you win, KNOW that trying will take you far

What does it mean to be super?

Handwriting is hard for all of us but you are surely winning with those backwards Js

What does it mean to a star?

Gleaming in the night your brilliance shines bright by day and by night

and you have the ability to guide

All of you have rocked my socks

You are all super

You are all stars

By Amber Kimmins