The VisionTransforming lives
through reading

Our vision is for every child to possess the necessary reading and social-emotional skills to realize their full potential and transform their future.

  • “The work is about growing our children in heart and mind.”
    Rose Lynn Abesamis-Bell, Founding Staff, Evaluation Specialist
  • “When I think about Super Stars Literacy two words come to mind...dedication and passion.”
    Demetria Jackson, Teacher
  • “Through the vagaries of political change, the mission of Super Stars Literacy to help young learners bridge the achievement gap remains more critical than ever.”
    Mike Mowery, Founding Executive Director
  • “Sharing the excitement of a Super Stars student as they begin to recognize letters, then words and then meanings is a rare gift and an experience to treasure.”
    Kim McAtee, MBA, Pacific Union Realty

The Mission StatementEmpowering young children with the skills to transform their future.

1. We lead with social and emotional skills
We know that children who possess sound social skills and emotional competence are adequately prepared to learn in a school environment. Over 90% of our students improve their reading level in our program each year, and this is because we focus first on their health and well-being.

2. We engage directly with schools
To transform a child’s future through education, we understand how critical it is to embed our program into every aspect of the school day. That’s why we’re inside classrooms as soon as the day begins. When the bell rings, we follow up with an academically rigorous, yet fun, after-school program.

3. Our talent is top-notch
Our instructors are a talented, diverse group of 4-year university graduates. They are passionate, believe in education, and excited to be around children. Over 300 hours of intensive, professional training from credentialed teachers allows our instructors to go and become successful educators, social workers, and much more.

4. Data guides us towards success
We leverage industry-leading data analysis to track our student and program development over time. Data tells us that our 2nd graders outperform Oakland Unified School District reading proficiency averages by nearly 3X. Most importantly, it allows us to regularly evaluate our work and constantly evolve our program.

5. We leverage our community to impact families
Our work doesn’t end in the classroom. We partner with community agencies and businesses to bring critical resources to our students and their families. 85% of our families attend enrichment program or workshop every year, and we’re consistently connect them with invaluable community resources.


The DetailsProgram Overview


  • Connector.

    Training and support for AmeriCorps Staff Members

    Inspiring future educators

  • Connector.

    Targeted after-school program

    16 students per grade, emphasis on building foundational literacy skills and positive socio-emotional skills.

  • Connector.

    School-day intervention

    Up to 3 hours/day, coordinated with teachers and literacy coaches

  • Connector.

    Family Activities

    Engage parents in their child’s academic and social development through regular check-ins and on-site events such as Family Reading Nights


Administered by California Volunteers and sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service

The TeamMeet our amazing staff.




The SSL AdvantageHow We’re Different

  1. We lead with social and emotional skill building
  2. We’re embedded in every aspect of the school day, allowing us to spend over 3 hours with each student we serve, every day, improving their literacy skills.
  3. Our full-time instructors come to SSL with passion. We then equip them with over 300 hours of intensive training from experienced teachers.
  4. Daily evaluation and data tracking allows us to measure improvement, constantly evolve, and better serve each student.
  5. We leverage our community to provide valuable resources to not only impact students, but their families and neighborhoods.

The InfoOur stats at a glance.